7 Things Every Girl Can Relate To When She Has Her First Period

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The killing pain and the succumbing mourns take over every girl’s mind when she is menstruating. It is frustrating and hurtful. Then there comes the PMS. Periods is something half the world’s population goes through. And everyone has got their first period story. Here is a list of 7 things every girl can relate to when she has her first period.

1. Period comes unexpected for the first time. The terror of having to see yourself bleed yet think of it as normal is real

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2. After you have had a few minutes to absorb the fact that it is happening, having to inform your mother seems embarrassing

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3. Using a pad is new. You untangle the mystery of how it works

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4. Figuring out a comfortable position to sleep is next to impossible

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5. You are in a state of awe. It is when you realize that all the period talk was real

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6. You come across at least one ridiculously funny period myth/tradition

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7. Little do you know that these cramps are only the beginning of the next 30- 40 years of monthly torture subscription

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