7 Things You Can Relate To If You Are Socially Awkward


This world is not an easy survival. It is bad enough that you have to interact with people. On top of that, imagine not knowing how to react in a social situations. But hey, you are not alone! Here are 7 things all people who identify as socially awkward can relate to.

1. You don’t have anything personal against people. It is just difficult for you to find your comfort zone

Source: Tenor

2. Oftentimes you go blank. Sometimes there is an overflow of emotions. But either way, you feel helpless

Source: Tenor

3. Family gatherings are a total torture

Source: Meme Guy

4. You never liked school

Source: Tenor

5. Once people get to know you, it’s a different world

Source: Gfycat

6. Music, books and movies are your best friends

Source: Giphy

7. If there is one superpower you wish you’d have, it is to escape social situations

Source: Reddit


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